Our design services enable you to get the most from a single source. We have outlined below the four categories which work may fall into, and have included a brief explanation of what we can offer.

If you have a immediate or future requirement for small or large scale design and engineering assistance, please call us direct for an informal discussion.


 New Design Work 

We can undertake small or large projects from a formal specification or simple outline idea, taking them through the full design, detailing, manufacturing and production release phases. 

Being flexible, we can work both independently or as part of a full integrated cross-functional team, doing as little or as much work as required. 

Component Design, Material Specification, Assembly and Tooling considerations,  Manufacturing Methods, Technology Appraisal are all part of this process. 

We use state of the art hardware and software for design generation and employ design tools and techniques including DFM and FMEA's to optimise the output. With experience in designing to national and international standards as well as accommodating approval or test requirements, we know how easy it is to become unstuck because of missing small details in the design process.

We relish smaller tasks just as importantly as larger projects and no matter what the requirement, you can be sure of our complete focus. 


 Existing Support Work 

Our support activities range from simple one-off tasks to being retained as a integral ongoing resource. 

Examples of routine support work include,

  • Detail Part, Tooling or Manufacturing changes.
  • Engineering documentation updates 
  • Inspection, Tooling or Manufacturing Reviews,
  • Material or Process Investigations and Sourcing
  • Component or Assembly Cost Reductions


 Manufacturing Support  

Design support services to support the manufacturing and process industries are also undertaken. These include, 

  • Special Purpose Equipment Design,
  • Tooling Design ( Including Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures. Manufacturing Aids and Tools)
  • Manufacturing Documentation
  • Process or Material Investigations
  • Technology Transfers.
  • Sourcing of Materials, Processes or Manufacturing Partners




 Development, Test and Evaluation 

We can conduct a range of development exercises, design proving or performance testing to support the design process. Conventional or computer based techniques and processes which may be employed include,

  • Prototype Parts or Tooling
  • Mechanism Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Moldflow
  • FEA
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Conventional Modeling
  • Bench or Rig Testing

With state of the art CAD facilities, workshops and the equipment, we can facilitate most of your requirements in house.