Successful companies have always been at the forefront of Innovation. They exploit the 'Ideas people' within their organisation and cross-fertilise any idea generation with outside or non-aligned resources. 

We are here to help companies or individuals with this process, and can provide creative solutions to design, engineering and manufacturing problems or opportunities. We pride ourselves in 'thinking outside the box' !

If you are considering new products, processes or tooling, existing product or process improvements, changes of material, specification or are simply diverging your applications, contact us to see what we can offer you.

On the services side, we can also document your already selected ideas or assist you with the patent, development, prototype or tooling phases of your project.


 Proven Pedigree  

Our Principal has a proven pedigree of innovation and marketed success. As named inventor on multiple patents, registered designs and utility models, you can be sure you will benefit from this experience.



As you can guess, a lot of the work undertaken by us is strictly confidential. We are therefore happy to work under any non-disclosure or confidentially agreement and may often request a reciprocal arrangement for the technology shared.